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What is the FEJS?

The FEJS is an independent non-profit organisation and fully run by and for students. Its aim is to create international understanding between European journalism students by organising all kinds of activities.

The FEJS' biggest and most important activity is a yearly congress called the Annual Meeting.
This congress resolves around one specific theme concerning journalism. Not only educational, but also social it is a great experience every year!
Every Annual Meeting is organised and hosted by students of another European Institute of Journalism. It is an ideal opportunity to get to know students from other countries and create journalistic networks.

Is there a structure?

Yes, there is! Throughout the years, the FEJS has grown and needed to professionalize more and more.

Read more about the FEJS' structure and bodies here.

Are you looking for an older document? You can still find them in the Archive.

For all administrative tasks, like address changes, newsletter subscriptions or congress applications, please contact the FEJS Secretariat.
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